The Hidden Cause of Depression, Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss Could Be Rooted In Brain Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal process which protects against injury and infection and it typically shuts down after the body is healed. However, problem occurs when inflammation becomes chronic and doesn’t know how or when to stop.

Unlike inflammation of arthritis or an injury, brain inflammation is difficult to diagnose because it doesn’t cause pain.

Symptoms of Chronic Brain Inflammation

Acute inflammation is caused by pathogens or injury, while chronic inflammation is primarily a result of bad lifestyle habits which fuel the inflammation response.  Chronic inflammation is associated with various problems, from allergies, asthma, colitis, sinusitis, and dermatitis to arthritis and chronic infections.

This can cause symptoms like lack of mental clarity, depression, memory loss, brain fog, slow mental processing, ADHD, and neurological diseases like Alzheimer`s and stroke.


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