If You Want to Have Better Butt and Slimmer Legs You Need to Perform These 12 Simple Exercises

Alex Silver-Fagan is famous fitness trainer and according to her, in order to get perfectly toned legs and nice butt you should perform squads. Alex is Nike trainer and in order to get best results she recommends combining these 12 simple exercises.

Do it this way:

If you want to have slimmer legs and nice butt you should perform these exercises on a daily basis.

These exercises are simple, you don’t need any gym equipment and you can perform in your home. For performing these exercises you will need about 15 minutes.

  1. Alex explains that Basic Squats are the best start.
  2. Squats with a Kickback are great for your buttocks.
  3. By performing Sumo Squats you will strengthen both your buttocks and your body.
  4. Sumo Squats – Outstretched Arms are great cardio exercise.
  5. For your waistline you should perform Sumo for Training the Abdominal Oblique Muscles.
  6. Jump Squats will strengthen your arm muscles.
  7. Narrow Squats when the Feet are Close Together is a great warm-up exercise for pistol squats.
  8. At the beginning you might have difficulties to perform Pistol Squats and you can use a chair for support.
  9. By performing Curtsy Squats you will target a number of muscles simultaneously.
  10. Perform Split Squats to strengthen the buttocks, the muscles of the calf as well as your thighs.
  11. In order to target lower body in what is called a lateral motion you should perform Side Squats.
  12. Pop Squats are great cardio exercise that will relax your muscles after the antecedent exercise.


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