This 46-year old woman had hands like a 70-year old and then her friend gave her an amazing skin recipe!

The quality of our skin is really dependable on how well we take care of it. Also sensitive is the skin on our hands. It gets really damaged very easily. People who are exposed to chemicals and smoke a lot especially have sensitive skin. 

An inevitable factor that can damage our skin is the aging. Still, we can use numerous natural remedies that can help us slow down this process and restore the vitality and elasticity of our skin.

Here are some natural remedies. All of the ingredients are easily available to you. The results will be visible very soon! You just have to be patient!

Eggs – They are amazing for skin elasticity. Just mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 egg white. Grease your hands with it and leave them to dry. Rinse it away with soap.


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