Wi-Fi: A silent killer that kills us slowly

Wi-Fi nowadays is something we all have at home or anywhere we go. But, did you know that it isn’t as safe as it seems? Actually, Wi-Fi can have a very detrimental effect on the health of our children, but also our health! It especially affects the quality of our sleep as well as our brain health.

Potential Dangers of Wi-Fi

Damages the development in children

Wi-Fi emits non-thermal radio frequency radiation. It is very harmful for the normal cellular development, especially the fetal development. It has a negative effect on the growing tissues in children and youth. They will have a greater risk of developmental problems, but also other negative effects.

Contributes to the development of insomnia

Wi-Fi can have a negative effect on our sleep. If you have an irregular sleeping pattern or can’t fall asleep, it may appear because of the low-frequency modulation that comes from Wi-Fi or your cell phones. People who come into contact to electromagnetic radiation can experience problems with their sleep. Sleep deprivation leaves a very negative effect on our health.


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