Transform your body in just 4 weeks with these 5 simple exercises

Having a body which is fit and strong at the same time can be a very difficult task. It takes determination, motivation and willpower to be able to achieve the desired effects.

But, the most difficult part is how to start with it. Besides exercising, you also need to have a healthy diet and be very focused on your aim. Don’t quit!

Make sure you choose the most effective and proper exercises for you!

In this article, we’re suggesting you 5 exercises that will help you transform your body and make it strong and fit in only 1 month!

1.The Push-Up

This is an exercise that targets your whole body. It will strengthen your forearms, chest, core, abs, legs, shoulders and back.

Make sure your hands are on the ground right under your shoulders. Your core needs to be tightened. Lower your body towards the floor, but make sure your back is flat.


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