Here’S What Will Happen If You Eat 3 Dates A Day Over 12 Days – You’ll Be Surprised

The natural sugar in dates is a perfect substitute for regular sugar. This fruit is easily digestible and reduces feelings of hunger. In composition, the dates were the natural multivitamin tablet, which is good for children and adults. Workman helps countless diseases, anemia cholesterol through until cancer.

  1. Food For Thought

Dates contain phosphorus, which is a very good food for the brain, so it is recommended for people who are engaged in intellectual work.

  1. Vitamins for eyes

Given that dates contain lutein and zeaxanthin, they are called “vitamins for the eyes.” Lutein and Zeaxanthin are particularly important for the retina and macula of the eye because they improve vision and prevent damage to the macula, which is impaired in old age. So if you want good eyesight, you should consume more dates.


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