4 Major Heart Attack Red Flags You Need To Know

The heart attacks, contrary to the popular opinion, aren’t usually heralded by classic and obvious signs like where a person clutches at her/his heart dramatically with severe chest pain.

About 25 percent of the heart attacks happen silently, with no recognizable or clear symptoms. Dr. C. Crandall, a cardiologist, has spent many years working to minimize, prevent and reverse heart disease. With time, Dr. C. Crandall has come to recognize that our hearts do warn us of a potential heart attack, minutes, days or weeks before it happens.

  • Swelling

Many people think that swelling of the ankles or feet has to do with sitting or standing too much. But, heart failure can cause accumulated fluid in the body. It can cause swelling in the abdomen or legs, ankles and feet. Some people retain so much fluid and discover they have gained weight suddenly. When it occurs, many people lose the appetite.


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