Ingrown veils are those little hairs, painful and unsightly, which occur more frequently when our shaven is not efficient, it is very common that this happens in the hair on the legs and beard, as these are the areas that most shave.

There are many tips and recommendations to eliminate and prevent these hairs appear, which will quote below.


Tips to prevent ingrown hairs

Shaven efficient: the main cause of ingrown hairs is not conducted efficiently shaven, then perhaps inexperience we do it without the actual ability to do this, we recommend you shave in the direction of the hair, or if the hairs go down we have to shave down.

Open pores before shaving: This is very useful because it makes shaven simpler and prevents those ingrown hairs from forming, we need for this is a hot cloth, but not so that we can burn and place for a few minutes about the area we are going to shave.

Uses shaving gel:  the rationale for of these gels and shaving creams, hair is smooth shave for this to be removed more easily, and then this prevents ingrown hairs from forming.

How to remove ingrown hairs?

Many versions differ on this issue, some say it is best to remove them with tweezers, others say that the best is with exfoliant sodium bicarbonate, etc., but we understand that the most useful for this is the combination of both councils because when performing exfoliation hair is weakened, but often not completely out therefore is not effectively eliminated and a clamp to remove it would be needed.

How does the baking soda scrub?

We take a spoon of oatmeal powder, a tablespoon of baking soda and half a cup of water and mix to form a paste.

What we need to remove hair?

  • A sterilized clamp
  • Aloe (Aloe Vera)
  • Baking soda scrub

Steps to follow

Step One: Wash the area where the ingrown hairs are.

Step Two:  Apply the baking soda scrub leave it for a few minutes and then enjaguamos and removed.

Step Three: We proceed to extract the hairs, which remain incarnate, with the clamp.

Step Four:  Apply the gel of aloe vera to heal our skin.

NOTE: It is also recommended, instead of using the scrub, place a hot towel to open pores and thus facilitate extraction with the forceps.

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