She had no idea why her toddler’s legs look so red. Then she found the cereal box in the pantry…

Every parent wants what’s best for their children. They believe every baby brand and purchase products that they think are good for their children. But, unfortunately, it isn’t always true.

Here, we’re going to present you a story that a woman posted on Facebook. It was about her child’s favorite snacks and an alarming information. Her daughter had an allergic reaction to a popular brand of cereals.

The woman is called Misty Lyn. She noticed that her child had a rash that was spreading throughout her legs. She didn’t have the slightest idea about what could have caused it. 

She asked her husband what the girl did the whole morning, because she thought that she may have eaten something poisonous.

The girl called Harper ate from the popular cereal called “Apple Jacks” for the very first time that morning. Then, Misty realized that they have probably caused the rash.

She decided to research these cereals a bit, but found some shocking information instead.


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