Diabetics Should Stay Away from These 20 Foods

Diabetes is becoming an increasing health concern around the world and affects millions of people. The treatment usually consists of taking insulin shots and minding what you eat, while completely eliminating sugar from the diet. However, it’s not just about staying away from sugar. This unhealthy ingredient is present in almost all the foods we eat, so it’s impossible to avoid. Reducing your carb intake is also important, as carbs combined with sugar can cause significant blood sugar spikes.

Here are the 20 foods you must avoid if you’re a diabetic:

Dried fruit

Dried fruits are healthy as they contain a variety of nutrients including fiber, but they are not recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Dehydrated fruit contains too much fructose which can increase your blood sugar levels, which is why you should avoid this type of fruit and eat fresh ones.

Rice, bread and white flour

Although diabetes patients know they should keep their blood sugar levels in check, they’re generally not aware that keeping the carb intake at minimum is also a must. Rice, white flour and bread contain a lot of unhealthy carbs which can raise your glucose levels and increase insulin resistance.


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