8 things you should never do on an empty stomach

Experts claim that if you do certain things on an empty stomach, that can be really bad for your health. It’s really considered to be healthy to drink warm lemon water after you get up, but make sure you never do these 8 habits on an empty stomach in the morning!

Drinking coffee and tea

It’s a habit for almost everyone to drink coffee or tea immediately after they wake up. This can lead to heartburn and acid reflux which destroys your intestinal lining. Make sure you drink a glass of water before anything else in the morning. If you want to reduce the negative effects of coffee, add a little bit of milk or cream.

Drinking alcohol

It’s extremely dangerous to drink alcohol in the morning right after you get up. When you drink it on an empty stomach, it becomes absorbed in your bloodstream directly. It decreases your blood pressure and dilates your arteries. You’ll only be drunk quickly and your whole metabolism will be disturbed.


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