17 Magnesium Filled Foods That Can Lower Your Risk Of Anxiety, Depression, Heart Attacks And More

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for our health – it plays a big role in numerous important processes, and is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body. Magnesium regulates the function of over 300 enzymes and affects numerous biochemical processes as well.

The main function of magnesium in the body is regulating the function of muscles and nerves, relaxing the blood vessels, regulating the blood pressure and assisting in the proper development of bones and teeth. Magnesium deficiency is a common problem nowadays and can lead to cardiac arrest, anxiety, cardiovascular disorders, depression, headaches and fibromyalgia as well. Magnesium also plays a part in the detoxifying processes in the body and the proper glutathione synthesis. The body requires magnesium to keep the mitochondria working properly, which is essential for cancer prevention.

Mitochondria are cellular organelles that produce ATO – the energy our tissues need to work properly. According to several studies, mitochondrial dysfunction can cause severe health problems. Dr. Rhonda Patrick says that magnesium is essential for optimal mitochondrial health, as their ability to produce energy depends on the mineral.


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